Circular Polarized FM Broadcast Antenna

The circular polarized FM broadcast antenna brings new capabilities and transmission improvement to any low power FM broadcast application. Circular polarization is what virtually every commercial FM broadcast station uses because of its excellent penetrating power as well as flutter-free reception qualities. Before the FM-CP was developed, CP antennas were extremely expensive since they were designed for the commercial high power broadcaster, even a basic entry level antenna being over $1,000!

The FM-CP was designed for the low power commercial broadcaster in small developing countries or other such locales. The antenna can easily handle up to 100 watts making it ideal for any low power broadcast station.

The antenna is shipped ‘knocked-down’ requiring a few simple steps to prepare it for operation. Follow the instructions enclosed with your antenna regarding safety and selection of antenna placement.

Hold the elements near the pivot points and pull them away from the boom until they snap into the self-locking plastic support insulators.
CAUTION: To avoid damage to the elements, do not pull them near the outer ends. Once the elemnts are locked into position, do not attempt to unlock them. Doing so may damage the the self-locking tab.
Be careful of the attached transformer unit, it is connected permanently to the brown lead wires.

The phasing lead wire must be connected to the terminals on the other antenna element. Use the supplied wing nuts and washers to attach the wire terminals to the other element as shown. Use the short cable tie to dress the wire as shown.

Attach the antenna bracket to the antenna boom and mast as shown and then fasten the transformer assembly to the mast using the longer cable tie. Insert the end plugs into the antenna boom.

The antenna should be mounted in a clear location away from any power lines, trees or other obstructions. Its radiation pattern is similar to a ‘figure eight’ with the maximum signal appearing broadside to the antenna. The signal is a minimum off the ‘edges’ of the antenna. One could use two of the FM-CP antennas and a power splitter ( model FM-PS) to produce an omnidirectional CP radiation pattern.


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